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Our partner IBS Software takes innovation seriously. The company believes that large and small aviation companies need to continuously innovate in order to not become commoditized and obsolete. IBS had hosted an Innovation lunch at the HAC this year. Since then, they have partnered with UK’s Travel Tech Lab for mentoring and promoting Travel industry start-ups in the city of London. Here is a landscape infographic on several current global Innovation initiatives in the Aviation industry.

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Sue Carter

Your Organization as “Single Source of Truth”

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Eli Lejeune

Airport branding and digital presence to engage customers

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Buckingham Mignon

What passengers want

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Zdenek Komenda

Spotlight: story

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Jeanne Martinson

Why working with and selling to other onions leads to success

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Torben Tost

Messaging: WhatsApp, SnapChat, Chatbots - Communication from Service to Entertainment

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Jonathan Newman

Chatbots - the hot topic for 2017: conversational commerce and retailing.

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Radu Iliescu

Merchandising optimisation of mobile booking flows

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Manuel Heidler

There is no day like today.

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