Juergen Barthel

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With 30 years in aviation, Jürgen has been repeatedly working on pioneering technologies: Airline CRS automation, the first European Online Booking Engine, A-CDM and more recently his work on airport catchment area analyses. 

People in our industry describe Jürgen as an open-minded interdisciplinary aviation jack-of-all-trades and a fire-fighter. Having a strong background in aviation marketing, IT and logistics, he was part of the second level help desk when Amadeus launched in the early 90s, later pioneering the development of online travel booking technologies. Ever since, he has been a valued speaker at a number of key travel industry events, providing annual presentations on Airline Sales & e-Commerce to the German Airline Sales Representatives Association (ASRA) for more than 15 years and being honorary member of the editorial board for the ITB Technology Congress for five. He became honorary member of ASRA in 1999. Since 1992, he is also the author of a popular blog sharing insights and raising discussions on industry topics. 

Jürgen has worked and currently works with airlines and airports of all sized from around the world on a broad range of projects. Most are related to network development, marketing & distribution or operations, often related to new IT solutions changing the existing work space and processes. His creative and solution-driven attention to detail as well as the business case, is complemented by his focus on the human factor. With a knack for new technologies, he has proven to constantly challenge "what is", for solutions that have proven to reshape our industry. Working constantly on the edge of new technologies and processes and being challenged with tasks deemed impossible or failed, his answer to why he succeeds sounds simple: "I look for solutions. Problems appear all on their own".

Speaking three languages in his small family, spending time with his two small daughters and his Russian wife (and CEO) help him keep the work-life balance.

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