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Joe Leader (2016)
Chief Executive Officer
Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX)

The event put together by the Hamburg Aviation Conference exceeds the normal breadth, depth, and quality experienced in a focused gathering that size. I enjoyed every moment there and deeply appreciate the connections made.

Radoslaw Dutkowski (2016)
Executive Director eCommerce & Ancillary Services
Lot Polish Airlines

This conference is boutique, with carefully selected speakers. I really enjoyed that.

Andreas Spaeth (2016)
Aviation Journalist

The Hamburg Aviation Conference is unique in its interdisciplinary approach, I have never witnessed such a variety of insightful speakers of so different fields as here, it's very rewarding to look beyond your usual aviation horizon.

Niclas Dzikus (2016)
DLR (national aeronautics and space research centre)

The mix of industry and science turns the Hamburg Aviation Conference into a truly interesting think tank. In particular for leading scientific institutions such as the national aeronautics and space research centre (DLR) the exchange with the industry is extremely important. This conference offers the unique opportunity to get in personal contact with the different stakeholders of the global aviation industry and to discuss creative solutions for aviation in the future.

Benny Mantin (2016)
Associate Professor
University of Waterloo

I wanted to thank you for the HAC. It was a nice conference, very different from the (academic) conferences I usually attend. It is certainly unique and I can see how the focus on innovation can be very attractive among different players in this industry. I enjoyed attending and interacting with other people and recently I have met with people from DLR.

Stephan Jung (2016)
Managing Partner
Eisberg Positioning

From the beginning I was impressed by the professional pre announcements of the event including the APP. The conference it self can only be rated with 5 stars when it comes to location, organization, speaker, delegates, networking. I do recommend this conference and the team with great pleasure, it is worth to go to Hamburg Aviation!

Juha Järvinen (2016)
Chief Commercial Officer

The Hamburg Aviation Conference was a great success, with interesting cross-functional and business presentations and panels. Efficient conference with great networking.

Dr. Konstantinos Kalligiannis (2016)
Aviation Consultant/Airport Planner & Academic
Hellenic American University

The conference was perfectly organized and managed. The careful selection of high level aviation professionals from different parts of the industry were providing aviation industry insights from different perspectives and were leading to holistic and valid conclusions.

Andreas W. Schulz (2016)
Consultant Aviation & Tourism

This new edition of the Hamburg Aviation Conference develops more and more into a “must go” event for the industry. I do not want to miss any more the discussion of hot topics and potential solutions of high relevance for particularly airports and airlines.

Iliana Cruz (2016)
Executive Director
Lot Polish Airlines

What I really liked about the Hamburg Aviation Conference was having the academic viewpoint.

Screen Shot 2016 05 03 at 10.37.34
Ludger van Bebber (2016) van Bebber (2016)
Weeze Airport

The event was extremely well organised and made a big difference in terms of content from the typical conferences, where the same people tend to talk about the same things.

Christopher Minner (2016)
Tampa International Airport

Dear Ursula,

Thank you so very much for the privilege of presenting TPA’s story at your Hamburg Aviation Conference. Yours is one of the best run events that I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

I met many fascinating people from all corners of the aviation industry over the lats three days with you, and I am taking many new ideas home with me to Florida. Congratulations on an outstanding event.

Very best regards

seb wereszczynski 2
Seb Wereszczynski (2016)
Head of Revenue
Monarch Airlines

I thoroughly enjoyed it and met some very interesting people.It was the best conference I have attended, not too big, not too much selling and a well planned agenda and excellently organised event.

Nadir Emirates
Nadir Bostancioglu (2016)
Revenue Optimisation Analyst

In such fast paced industry, as an airliner, you have to keep up with the latest trends all around the globe, and Hamburg Aviation Conference is one of the best Conferences around the globe to get a true feeling about how the industry progressing for the future changes. Very progressive with lots of challenging topics/techs and a good opportunity to meet and chat with others. Definitely recommended…

Markus Lamest (2015)
PhD Student
Trinity College, Dublin

The Hamburg Aviation Conference is one of the best conferences I have attended so far in terms of networking opportunities and organisation (and level of digitalisation) in general. After this year's conference, my wife Olga also agrees, and she has already accompanied me to one of the world's best academic marketing conferences in Singapore :) Over the years, I have met a number of inspiring individuals that I would have never been in contact with without Hamburg Aviation Conference, including Jon Norris, Dennis Tierney and Enda Corneille, all of whom I have been in contact with after the conference. In this regard, I am very thankful to you for introducing me to and including me in this circle.

clare elford
Claire Elford (2015)
Vice President, Client Services, EMEA
Guest Logix Inc.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for organizing such a useful and informative conference. I learnt a lot and made some good connections so would definitely recommend it again internally and to others. (Guest Logix participated for the first time as a sponsor at the conference 2015).

JonNorris 3
Jonathan Norris (2015)
VP Sales
Lumexis Inc.

"Congratulations to you and the team on another great conference. We were delighted to sponsor the conference and as I already told you on Thursday we’re looking forward to sponsoring the event again next year."

Beatie Wolfe (2015)
Singer, Artist, Songwriter, Leading Tech Woman, Keynote speaker at the Hamburg Aviation Conference 2015

"I had a fantastic time presenting at the 2015 Hamburg Aviation Conference and sharing my story of being a musician with a view of 'No Limits,' which has led me to do some of my most enjoyable and celebrated projects. It was also brilliant to be sharing the stage with some truly great pioneers in their own fields. Thank you Ursula for inviting me!" Beatie currently tours the world for Apple, she collaborates with Britain's leading web entrepreneur Michael Acton Smith and just launched the single kids' wish for the world.

iainRawlinson 1
Iain Rawlinson (2015) Rawlinson
Principal of strategic adviser Rawlinson Partners, previously Chairman of The Monarch Group, Director of Companies, about his participation at the Hamburg Aviation Conference 2015

"It was a really fascinating gathering – and I was really interested and happy to be there. I found it really stimulating and full of new ideas and some challenges, and a good mix of inspirations from within and outside the sector too. – and you ran it extremely well. Congratulations."

Jon Norris (2014)
Vice President of Sales
Lumexis Corporation

"I just wanted to congratulate you and the XXL Solutions team on a great conference. I really enjoyed the line-up of speakers and as always the facilitation was excellent – great questions and discussion with each speaker."

alison bryant AB2014c
Alison Bryant (2014)
CEO & Chief Play Officer
Play Collective

"The Hamburg Aviation Conference is an exceptionally high quality, thought-provoking conference, and really delivers new ideas and interesting contacts. It is absolutely worthwhile attending!"

wolfgang kersten colour
Wolfgang Kersten (2014)
Lecturer, Professor
Hamburg University of Technology

The Aviation Conference was not only very interesting for me but I also enjoyed it thoroughly - not least due to the excellent moderation!

Iain Rawlinson (2014)
Managing Partner
Rawlinson Partners, ex Chairman of The Monarch Group

"Thank for arranging everything so well for me to attend the Hamburg Conference.
I have met a number of key people and I can see how well you have organised it.  It is a really interesting forum."

charlie sheil
Charlie Sheil (2014)
General Manager
The Marker Hotel, Dublin

"Just a note to thank you for your kind hospitality, I was delighted to have the opportunity to participate at the conference and I have made some very good contacts."

peter poungias
Peter Poungias (2014)
Executive Director Commercial and Property Activities
AviAlliance GmbH

"I enjoyed it. Especially the first session in the morning of day 1 was excellent.

tilmann gabriel
Tilmann Gabriel (2014)
Managing Partner
Tiansalo Ltd., ex Qatar Airways, CHC Helicopter, Safi Airways

I would like to evaluate the Hamburg Aviation Conference:
Quality of the conferences: 5/5
Quality of this App: 5/5
Quality of the organization: 6/5

otto gergye fiji airways ex air berlin
Otto Gergye (2014)
Executive General Manager Sales & Marketing
Fiji Airways, ex Air Berlin

"I found the subjects very interesting and the invitees of a very high standard."

gregory pomerantsev3
Gregory Pomerantsev (2014) Pomerantsev
flyvista, ex Novosibirsk Airport, Air Baltic, Baltic Miles

I want to thank you for the fantastic experience of attending (and
speaking!) at Hamburg Aviation Conference. I enjoyed it very much
(also excellent pictures on Facebook!) and will gladly share my
"Impeccably well organized, with thorough selection of interesting
topics and international professionals as speakers, Hamburg Aviation
Conference is indeed a great source of ideas for innovation. I also
appreciated valuable contacts and discussions during the event,
inspiring you to excel in business.”

Mairead Brady2
Mairead Brady (2014) Brady
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Co-director of Computer Science and Business degree, School of Business
Trinity College

“We can all be followers but when a conference encourages you to look at your world differently, then you start changing for the good.

The Hamburg Avaition conference challenges current modes of thinking and encourages creativity and different ways of thinking. My sense of the conference was that each delegate walked away thinking I can and I will do something different and achieve change.”

Christoph Heidelck (2014) Heidelck
Senior Master Planner
Flughafen München GmbH

"It's a good place to meet people and exchange ideas about aviation topics.

The conference was very well organized and the speakers were very interesting. During the conference and social events could make many new contacts."


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