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Alexander Graf v. Bernstorff joined InteRES as its Director Airline Solutions on June 1, 2016 to lead the development of modern, state-of-the-art software solutions for airlines and to grow the InteRES’ airline customer base. Besides, he acts as a consultant and helps airlines designing their distribution and retailing strategy.

His career in the travel industry spans 25 years, from business travel processes and commercial modelling at Thomas Cook Travel, via product management at Amadeus, up to commercial distribution, revenue management and corporate strategy at Lufthansa.

A leading expert on commercial, organisational and technical aspects of airline distribution, Alexander was LH’s representative in IATA’s NDC program, where he was a member of the Passenger Distribution Group and the Advisory Forum, and Chairman of the NDC industry distribution working group. During that time, he developed and implemented Lufthansa’s current distribution strategy.

Alexander spoke on various national and international events about the future of airline distribution, NDC and ONE Order, including commercial and technological aspects of airline distribution and retailing, organisational challenges and digitalisation, how large corporations can be more agile, or a strategic classification of hypes and buzzwords. 

演讲者简介:Alexander Graf v. Bernstorff

Alexander Graf v. Bernstorff先生作为航空解决方案部门主管于2016年6月1日入职德国InteRES公司,他致力于扩展公司在航空领域的客户群并领导整个部门为客户提供优质的、最先进的软件解决方案。同时,他作为一名资深顾问为航空公司设计其分销与零售策略提供帮助。

Alexander Graf v. Bernstorff先生的职业生涯已历时25年,他曾在托马斯.库克(Thomas Cook Travel)负责商务旅行流程与商业建模,继而作为产品经理任职于艾玛迪斯(Amadeus),后效力于德国汉莎航空公司(Lufthansa),从事商业分销、收益管理和公司经营战略方面的工作。

作为一名优秀的航空分销领域专家,Alexander Graf v. Bernstorff先生拥有丰富的商业、组织和技术方面的知识储备与经验。他曾作为Lufthansa的代表参与到国际航空运输协会(IATA)的NDC(New Distribution Capability,新分销能力,简称NDC)项目中,成为Passenger Distribution Group、Advisory Forum的成员,并担任NDC industry distribution working group的主席职务。期间,他为Lufthansa设计并实现了现用的基于收益管理的分销策略。

Alexander Graf v. Bernstorff先生曾在各种德国国内与国际活动中发表展望航空分销、NDC与ONE Order项目未来的演讲,主题囊括了航空分销与零售领域的商业与技术、管理挑战与数字化、大型公司如何更为“敏捷”(agile)、以及对宣传与行业流行语的策略性分类。

About inteRES

Airline retailing.
Simplified. Accelerated. Enabled.

Every airline is trying to become more customer-centric, more agile and more profitable. InteRES works hand-in-hand with airlines to develop full e-commerce retail capability – simply, quickly and pragmatically.

Our Airline Retail Engine is an integrated offer and order management system that is built from scratch to take full advantage of NDC and ONE Order, IATA’s new retailing procedures. Yet it also works seamlessly with your existing distribution systems, and can be piloted in parallel.

As the advantages of the retail approach become clear, InteRES can also recommend experienced consultants to assist in simplifying your internal workflows.

Airline Retail Engine

Our Airline Retail Engine enables you to take control of your own marketing.   From day one, you own all data on customer searches, offers and bookings, complete with a ‘data cockpit’ overview. You can add or drop products instantly, and promote unsold seats and new destinations in minutes.

Enjoy your own NDC interface with a streamlined two-step shopping and booking process that makes adding new channels simple. The design is based on our 20 years of experience with airline booking and pricing engines.

Coaching and low-risk pilot

The transition to airline retailing means much more than installing new software. That’s why InteRES coaches airlines in mapping out a transition plan to retail. We can also help review an existing strategy.

At this stage, we recommend a low-risk pilot of our Airline Retail Engine in one specific area or on one route to fully understand its potential – as well as the technical, commercial and legal implications of moving to the new system. Our software is fully integrated with your PSS, which runs in parallel. We provide you with 360° support during the implementation.

Piecing it all together

Our Airline Retail Engine is one important piece in your customer-centric puzzle. But you may also need other pieces to handle dynamic pricing, payments, involuntary changes, or a B2C front end. Each of these requires a unique expertise.

InteRES can draw on a wide network of partners, large and small, to assist your full transition to airline retailing. We‘ll identify suitable providers and accompany you in coordinating the entire transformation, step-by-step. Build a best-of-breed system from the very best suppliers.