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AI partner event: Using digital to get ahead in ancillaries and merchandising

Getting ahead in the digital age - partner event by "Airline Information"

Ancillary revenue and merchandising rescued the profitability of many airlines and travel retailers. Without the likes of baggage fees, margins of 10% and higher would not have been achieved. But, the airlines and travel retailers that will get ahead in our new digital age will be the ones which invest both in generating more ancillary revenues and using those profits to deliver a better customer experience.

From giving people more reasons to travel, to making the end-to-end journey an experience to remember, this is all made easier by our increasingly digital world. However, many in the travel industry are not well-placed to take advantage of what digital offers. The Ancillary Mechandising Conference will help you understand the opportunities in digital– from automated commerce to how to drive people to all of your products and services.

The theme for the 12th Ancillary Merchandising Conference (AMC) is "Getting ahead in the Digital Age."

It will take place in Edinburgh. For further details and reservation please check here