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Getting ahead in the Digital Age - Mega Event Worldwide (Ancillary, Loyalty & Co-Brand Conferences)

Mega Event 2018 will be held in Long Beach, California, home to the luxury liner the Queen Mary. She was the fastest ship in her day at the leading edge of technology. Similarly, the theme for Mega Event 2018 is shaped around being at the leading edge of technology in our rapidly developing digital age. So, Mega Event 2018 will look at how to make the best of Digital in the areas of Loyalty, Ancillary Revenues/Merchandising and Co-brand Cards. It will also allow attendees to connect with not only great content, but great business contacts, enabling participants to learn best practices and hear how others are getting ahead in the digital age. 

Mega Event will cover three conference tracks in a single venue: 1) Loyalty Conference 2) Ancillary Revenue & Merchandising Conference & 3) Co-Brand Partnerships, as well as the 2018 Mega Awards sponsored by Avis-Budget Group. Additionally, the Frequent Traveler Awards will return to recognize the leading loyalty programs of the world from the consumers' perspective. Mega Event registered attendees will receive complimentary passes to the FT Awards to be held on the Queen Mary on the evening of November 1st.

It is organised by our partner Airline Information. The CEO & Founder at do things differently - XXL Solutions and Managing Director of think future - Hamburg Aviation Conference, Ursula Silling, will hold a presentation about the five key technologies you need to know for state of the art airline retailing at this event.


The 2017 Mega Event focused on being bold. This year, not only do we need to be bold, but we need to get ahead. Much of our industry is still analogue, but, customers want digital to be connected and working across every channel. The question is how to do this? If you want to learn how, then Mega Event 2018 is the must attend event.  A few of the hot topics to be covered from the perspectives of Ancillary Revenue Generation, Loyalty & Co-Brands are:

• What Are Customers Demanding?
• The Regulatory Challenge: From GDPR to regulation of ancillary pricingm the regulators are catching-up!
• Is Artificial Intelligence relevant for travel?
• Top Class Merchandising: Merchandise from the pre-journey, airport, flight and post journey
• Predictive Analytics: Do you want to get bold with predicting what customers will want or pay for?
• Classic & New Ancillary Products
• Industry Initiatives: Where are we with the likes of IATA One Order and NDC – still talking or starting to deliver?
• The Omni Channel Challenge
• Business to Business Co-Brands
• Beacons, Mobile and Selling
• Data, Data, Everywhere: Who is using Big Data in a practical way and delivering now?
• Personalisation
• The Return of Inflation: Too many miles chasing too few seats – will inflation destroy loyalty?
• How to Set your Co-Brand Program on Fire
• Who is Leading in Digital and Co-Brands?: Lessons from the Uber card launch
• Ancillary Revenue Management
• Lions' Den: Showcase of new and bold products that have just 5 minutes to sell their idea!
• Frequent Traveler Awards: All Mega Event Attendees may attend this event at no additonal charge!

Conference Agenda Outline for Booking your Travel:
Wednesday, 31st of October:
14:00-17:00: Pre-Event Sessions
17:30: Welcome Reception
19:00: Mega Awards
Thursday, 1st November:
08:00-17:15: Conference Sessions
18:30-21:00: Frequent Traveler Awards
Friday, 2nd November:
08:00-12:30: Conference Sessions

Our Event Partner - Frequent Traveler Awards:

The Frequent Traveler Awards return to recognize the leading programs of the world. Featuring new award categories and recognition of more travel verticals, the Frequent Traveler Awards promises to provide comprehensive recognition of the travel loyalty industry. The Frequent Traveler Awards will take place just a few minutes’ walk from the Mega Event conference hotel in the historic setting of The Queen Mary in the harbor of Long Beach. We look forward to an evening recognizing and celebrating achievements and innovations from loyalty programs all over the world.

More information is available at

Mega Event registered attendees will receive complimentary passes to the Frequent Traveler Awards, which will take place after the Mega Event sessions on Thursday, November 1st. 

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