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Transformation - Hamburg Aviation Conference 2018
to Feb 9

Transformation - Hamburg Aviation Conference 2018

  • Ameron Hotel Speicherstadt (map)
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High street shopping malls close, airport malls keep growing and Apple, Amazon & Google increase their numbers of physical stores. Customers - and staff - expect real time responses in an age where the smartphone has become ubiquitous. Real and virtual life mix. Social media and messaging have become a normal way of communication.

Transformation is needed - but it needs to be smart and viable, not just digital for any price. We need to find the right balance and pace. Humanization of technology and mix of physical and digital worlds need to be considered. Start 2018 with us in Hamburg and enjoy relevant insight, new thoughts, key contacts and a remarkable guest experience to develop your transformation strategy.

We are NOT a me too event. The Hamburg Aviation Conference is a unique global think tank where top managers, tech innovators and thought leaders from aviation, travel, retail, universities and tech companies discuss innovative solutions to approach the current dynamic environment and to transform the business to fit the digital age. Themes are around customer focus, technology, innovation and new trends and hot topics of relevance for the travel industry.

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