About Maksim Izmaylov, Winding Tree


Maksim Izmaylov, CEO at Winding Tree, commission-free, tokenized travel distribution

Maksim Izmaylov is one of the founders and CEO at Winding Tree. He is an entrepreneur with a background in software engineering and law. He founded two travel startups, Roomstorm and Winding Tree, and Travel Tech Con, a conference for startups and software engineers from the travel industry and a partner of think future - Hamburg Aviation Conference and XXL Solutions.

Currently, Maksim is working as CEO at Winding Tree, a decentralized marketplace for the $7T travel industry that is dominated by just a handful of large corporations.

Air France-KLM and Winding Tree have announced a partnership at the beginning of October 2018 to solve real world industry challenges using blockchain technology.

AirFrance-KLM along with teams from other major airlines, hotels and travel tech companies is joining Winding Tree Hackathon in Prague on October 24-25 to experiment with blockchain technology, share expertise and promote open collaboration in travel industry. 

Lufthansa, Swiss, Air New Zealand and Nordic Choice Hotels had already joined the Winding Tree travel and aviation community as partners.

Maksim Izmaylov, CEO at Winding Tree will discuss blockchain opportunities for the travel industry as part of our workshops "the questions leaders always wanted to ask - looking beyond the past and developing the future" at think future '19. Max is a serial entrepreneur with the background in software engineering and law

We also talked to Augusto Lemble recently, one of the founders at Winding Tree, blockchain hacker and full-stack software developer.  Hear about Augusto's view on how blockchain can help the aviation and travel industry to evolve. And check out Dave Montali's, presentation at our last think future event here. Dave is CIO at Winding Tree.