think future 2019 will be 21-22Feb

think future 2019 will be 21-22Feb

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The world in 2027

The world in 2027 - virtual assistants will be a key part of our lives, retail 100% online, blockchain the new kid on the block will have grown up

Back in 2001 a book called "The Future of Wireless Communications" predicted the following technology developments by 2020:

■ A personal communicator that would book flights & allow you to check in at airports

■ A personalised news feed delivered to your communicator

■ A robot that mows the grass

■ A function allowing you to pre-order your coffee &then direct you to its location

Those predictions look pretty accurate. The author, William Webb, has just published his vision of how the world will look in 10 years:

■ Virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa will play bigger roles in our lives

■ AI will have become extremely good at specific tasks

■ Facial-recognition technology replaces security staff

■ Retailing will be almost entirely online

At the Hamburg Aviation Conference -thinkfuture 2018 we will deal with all of those key technologies, reviewing use cases, what to focus on and how to transform.

Check out BBC Tech Tent for the full article referred to here: 

Tech Tent: Will AI and Blockchain be game-changers?

NB: The picture of this post is part of a slide deck which was used in a joint presentation by Antonio Vella, Head of Digital at Air Malta, and Lewis Holland, Founder and CEO of the start up DiscountIF at this year's Hamburg Aviation Conference 



Innovation Labs - best practice

Innovation Labs - best practice

Time for transformation - think future at the Hamburg Aviation Conference 2018

Time for transformation - think future at the Hamburg Aviation Conference 2018