8 - 9 Februar 2018, Hamburg 

         8 - 9 Februar 2018, Hamburg 

We will ensure to make your experience extraordinary. 


who wants to change

Who wants to change?

Everybody realises that change is needed, but no one really wants to change - and Andrew Mann's ( Asda) illustration enclosed expresses it very well. This is why it needs a people and marketing strategy to achieve a culture embracing change as one of the prerequisites for transformation.

At think future - Hamburg Aviation Conference 8 - 9 February how to transform - the do's and don'ts from people who have done it or are in the middle of it - will be one of the key subjects.

Join Alexander Laukenmann from Hamburg Airport , Richard A. Dolmetsch from Swissport, Kay Hellwig from Deutsche Bahn Personenverkehr and Christian Kamhaug from Intrum to discuss concrete examples such as the introduction of Workplace by Facebook to support collaboration and give visible signs for a new culture.

Learn from experiences from successful leaders and create your check list to tackle when coming home. Check out the full program and full list of speakers here.

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