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Saritta Hines, Trustabit, Founder & CEO

Holding over 13 years of experience in data analytics, Saritta Hines is a trusted leader at bridging strategic business initiatives with expert IT implementation. Saritta has successfully spearheaded projects in the tech world for industry leaders including Cymer, Allergan, Bank of Montreal, Novartis and Dow Agrosciences.

Her expertise brings technical innovation and business teams together to transform the customer experience. Saritta is at the forefront of improving operational efficiency and using blockchain technology to test new use cases. As Founder and CEO of TrustaBit, Saritta has established a key utility for businesses to streamline the delivery of products and services to customers through smart contracts.

About Trustabit

TrustaBit is a start up that plans to address some of the issues flight disruption management. It aims to mobilise the traveller and improve the customer experience using blockchain technology to enable airlines to automatically issue vouchers to passengers when their flights are delayed, overbooked or canceled. The vouchers could then be used to book transportation, hotel stays, etc. in a safe and secure way, instantly. Customers are notified about disruptions prior to arriving at the airport via their preferred channel.

Trustabit’s mission is to give control back to the customer even in situations of disruption.

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