about Wassim saadè



Avid traveller, insatiable explorer, and well-versed in aviation thanks to his professional background, Wassim puts his experience, energy and creativity at the service of Inflyter users. Passionate about flying, Wassim holds a private pilot license. First working as a system engineer for Airbus, he later joined the strategy department at Air France-KLM. Starting as revenue management analyst, he ended working on the Flying Blue restructuring and conception of its new scheme. From airliners to the consulting industry, he served years later at the helm of Altran Group international management, expanding aerospace department operations to Asia and Middle East. Wassim holds a Master of Engineering degree in Computing Science from Imperial College London.

“I’ve spent countless numbers of hours up in the air, for leisure but mainly on business trips. I’ve always wanted something efficient to facilitate enjoying what air travels has to offer, something great to meet with other travellers and advise occasional ones on their journey, but also something unique to share my transient lifestyle experience.” This is how Inflyter is born.

About Inflyter

Inflyter creates a passenger experience across different stages of the customer journey, allowing the customer to consume services and products at any point in time. Buying airport retail goods on board and picking them up at arrival becomes a reality. Inflyter accompanies air travellers by bringing together on a single platform all flight related information, retail offerings and services, which are essential for a smooth trip. These services are available via a mobile application where Inflyter innovates by offering a complete and disruptive solution entirely dedicated to making the passengers experience the finest possible.

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