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The Hamburg Aviation Conference is a global think tank bringing together airlines and airports with other travel stakeholders and with other industries as well as academics from universities to discuss hot topics from diverse angles and turn the challenges of the digital age into opportunities. It is a very personal event, with the main attendants being senior executives, board members and thought leaders to allow high quality content and best possible networking. 

The theme for 2017 will be " AVIATION AND TRAVEL IN THE AGE OF THE HYPER-CONNECTED CONSUMER". The agenda will include the following topic areas: 

Time for a refresh - innovative business approaches for the digital age

Marketing to a world that will not listen 

Redefining distribution and passenger services - are we stuck in the current setup? 

Re-imagining loyalty in the age of the hyper-connected consumer 

Re-inventing the airport - innovative approaches for loyalty, customer experience and non-aviation revenue

Listening to customers in a world full of chatter. Information needs of the hyper-connected consumer 

On the move: all about mobile, apps and digital user experiences

Quo vadis ancillary revenues - what are the most effective approaches today and in the future

Working together - opportunity or threat of partnerships 

Things we like: latest trends and inspiring ideas

Leadership and change management in the 21st century 

Technology gets personal

Is this it? Are we all performing optimally and well? 

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2017 Speakers

Ville Haapsaari, Finavia, SVP


Michael Eggenschwiler, Hamburg Airport, CEO 


Stephan Uhrenbacher, Entrepreneur, Founder of FLIO, the global airport app

Patrick Murphy, Peach Airlines Japan, Chief Advisor


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why to join

global think tank *** new food for thought *** CEOs, board members, senior managers, thought leaders *** airlines, airports, other travel, other industries, universities *** personal atmosphere *** high profile advisory board *** great value for money

About Speakers

Joe Leader

CEO at APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association)

Joe talked about the

"Airline Experience of You"

at the Hamburg Aviation Conference 2016

What others say

Christopher Minner

VP at Tampa International Airport

Yours is one of the best events that I've seen anywhere in the world. I met many fascinating people from all corners of the aviation industry ...I am taking many new ideas home with me to Florida.

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