Lewis Holland

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Lewis Holland is the founder and CEO of the leading gamification software service, DiscountIF.

He has well over 10 years’ experience in growing multi-million revenue earning digital products and services. He has led online products across global regions and channels with a high focus on customer satisfaction and engagement. He’s also headed innovation teams for FTSE100 brands such as Betfair, which led him to launching his own company.

With DiscountIF, he has helped brands in the retail, telecoms, sports and airline industry to stand out from the competition and truly engage with their audiences.

About DiscountIF

The travel industry is constantly striving to improve satisfaction scores, engagement, and long term loyalty to their brands. In contrast, the sport industry operate their business with a highly engaged and passionate customers, aka fans.

DiscountIF is a gamification tool powered by sport, bringing the passion and thrill of sport to the travel industry. DiscountIF offers a unique service, whereby brands enhance and boost their sales process by offering rewards linked to the outcome of sport events.

“Buy a flight, if you predict the outcome of Lithuania – Malta, you win a voucher”

AirMalta was the first airline to launch the innovative service in October 2016. Customers who made a reservation, and correctly guessed the outcome of pre-selected sports events were rewarded with a voucher. The results are significant, with over 25% of purchasing customers engaging with the offers.

The software offered is flexible for any kind of event (Sport, TV, weather and politics), and also any kind of reward (Cash, voucher, air miles etc…). This makes the service extremely versatile to target the right audience to engage with, for each brand.


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