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The Hamburg Aviation Conference helps to think future by bringing different industries together to discuss innovative solutions and technology to succeed in today's world

The Hamburg Aviation Conference is a renowned global think tank where top managers, tech innovators and thought leaders from aviation, rail, travel and universities discuss innovative solutions to approach the current dynamic environment and to transform the business in the age of the hyper-connected consumers. The event has evolved into a global think tank for customer focus, innovation and new trends and hot topics of relevance for the travel industry.

The unique event offers a personal environment for top leaders to exchange ideas, learn about latest (tech) trends and success strategies and to think future whilst meeting relevant partners. 

The advisory board consists of CEOs and board members from Hamburg and Geneva Airport, Hongkong Express Airlines, Swiss, Allegiant, Aer Lingus and Ukraine International, Airbus, XXL Solutions and a number of universities and tech companies.  

"Customers expect a seamless travel experience, in reality and in the digital world. This requires a system partnership between airlines and airports.” explains Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO at Hamburg Airport.

“The new successful airline is all about transforming it into a new entity that yesterday could not be imagined and that the day after tomorrow may be obsolete. Airlines operate in an environment of a new economy, new enterprise and new technology and must master how to link all three to one another and how to enable one another” states Philip Micallef, CEO at Air Malta from 2014-2016, and former top manager with Olivetti, Sita and Equant.

Rajiv Shah, CEO at the global travel, transportation and logistics technology provider IBS, which received $170m investment from Blackstone last year: ""Innovation is not a choice for any business in the current dynamic environment. From the technology provider perspective, it is all about ensuring that we can provide the flexibility and agility to our customers, to enable them to drive deeper relationships with the hyper connected consumer".

The think tank had been initiated by Hamburg Airport in 1998. It was repositioned and turned into a global think tank in a joint venture between Hamburg Airport and XXL Solutions in 2014. 

XXL Solutions is a boutique consultancy committed to help their customers succeed in the digital age, from strategy to implementation. They help organisations to transform their business to meet the changing consumer and staff requirements, to innovate and differentiate from competition and to turn new technology into opportunities rather than threats. 

The location for the conference is Hamburg. The conference language is English.